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Do you need a custom shade cloth fabric supplier for your business? We can help! Our shade cloth fabric is the highest quality and most customizable on the market. Plus, we have the best price around!





Our products are ❤️ loved by these industries and many more!

Product Features

Tough Lock-stitch

Resists tears, punctures and unraveling when forced.

Preserves color

Even with the highest heat impact from the sunlight.

UV block

Resistance to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Heat setting fabric

Dimensional stability using a hot air stentering process.


8-10 years of natural lifespan & longevity of the product.

Lightweight materials

The weight of shade cloths is relatively quite low.


Custom Shade Cloths For All Your Needs

We can personalise your Shade cloth to perfection that fits any requirement.
Any Shape
Any Color
Any Size
Any Design
UV Percentage
Shade Percentage
Kinitting Structure
Tension Structure
High Quality Materials


Inson Shade has been in the shade cloth manufacturing industry for over two decades now. We have over 75 group of highly skilled scientists and experts who constantly working on improving our products with novel features. Unlike other companies in the market, We guarantee the highest-quality for the best price in the market without a doubt. Our products have the durability & reliability that everyone seeks. We provide HDPE shade cloths for many industries and fields including agriculture, construction and commercial needs. We also have a variety of options when it comes to determining right shade & light block percentage. Also these shade cloths have of 8-10 years of natural lifetime.

Guaranteed Quality

Shade cloths are already limit tested under UVB-313 UV lamps

Raw materials

The raw materials engineered by the EU chemical technologies

German Machinery

German hot air stentering process and other novel machinery

Years of Experience

Over 2 decades of industrial experience and experts

Global standards

Certified by SGS,AWTA, ARPANSA product testing methods

Best Price

Best market price out there for the highest-quality shade cloths.


Size, Width, Colors, Shade factors according to your wish.

Fast Delivery

Swift & secure delivery of the order to anywhere in the world.

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We always value the customers and buyer along with the transparency. That is why we are offering free samples for any kind of shade cloth you are ordering. This ensures that you get exactly what you need for the price you are paying. Also builds the trust and loyalty between the buyer and the company.

Test in advance

Global community

Mutual trust

Freedom to select


We are specialized in making shade cloth for many industries. Over the years we have built a reputation when it comes shade cloths. We use many new technologies for manufacturing as well as testing. Inson Shade have completed over 3000 successful projects over the years. Not only that we have about 1245 clients and counting. We were able to accomplish many milestones as a company due to maintaining the utmost trust with our clients. Our mission is to “Aspire to inspire” in the shading cloth industry. We want to make lives easier and contribute to the industrial economy.

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Order now the best shade cloth fabric that money can buy for any industrial/domestic need you have.